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Holy crap…the world is certainly full of stupid people. Sadly, many of these people have somehow managed to graduate from college- just goes to show you the value of a college education these days.
When I went to college, there was a pretty fair division between smart people and stupid people. The stupid people always got the same degrees – education, art history, English and liberal arts. Why? You basically have to show up to get them (and even that was difficult for some people). The rest of us that actually have intelligence went for something a bit more challenging – computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics and the like. As a result, the first group of people ended up with useless degrees, living at home with mama and daddy, and basically just becoming complete drains on society. The second group, being much more intelligent and capable than the first, ended up having successful careers, nice homes and a nice nest egg to retire on. But hey…at least the first group has their DEGREE to fall back on, huh? That MUST count for something??

I have worked in the IT field for the last decade. I am well-paid for what I do, as are most of my counterparts. Many of them never bothered to get a degree at all, especially those who entered the work force in the mid-to-late 90’s as I did. There was no need – we were getting hired left and right regardless of our college educations. All that mattered back then was whether or not you could do the necessary tasks to complete the job (usually networking, coding or system administration of some sort.). If you were proficient in more than one technology, you could name your own price. The demand for talent was high.
The only thing that counts in this world is what you make of your education. Taking the easy path and spending your entire life as a leech (whether you spend twelve years in college to get three degrees like this loser or you suck off of multiple spouses and your parents to survive) is no way to earn respect in this world. I remember hearing a story about two women sitting around a table criticizing a family member because he “didn’t have a degree” and therefore could not POSSIBLY be as wonderful as they because THEY had gone to college. What did these fine, college-educated women do with said degrees? Well, they sat on their asses all day doing crafts, living off of someone else’s hard-earned money and talking about how much BETTER they were! Meanwhile, the non-degreed gentlemen was tops in his field, well-respected and paid handsomely for his expertise. So who is the loser in this situation?
In my world, it’s what one does with themselves that counts. In my field, the same is definitely true. It is why people like me are offered positions making six figures and those liberal arts clowns end up working part time as unskilled labor- you are only as valuable as the skills that you provide, whether you have a piece of paper or not.


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